December Library Book Haul

Hello and welcome back, today i wanted to share with you the books i have checked out the library for over the Christmas period. Its sad to see that so many libraries are closing because of the council cuts and less people using them. I would love to try and help raise awareness of the advantages of having a library in your community, not only does it help those who cant afford to buy books, its gives people access to the internet and to educational materials. Anyway that is for a different post, this post is to show you what i checked out this month.

1 - Modern Calligraphy by Lucy Edmonds

This book was the reason that i went to the library (in the pouring rain) i had a phone call to say that this book was finally in stock (i ordered it from another library) and had to go get it straight away. I have been practising calligraphy for a couple of weeks and was keen to get a book that i could study over the festive break to build on my knowledge.
I am hoping that if i get good at Calligraphy then i will be able to use it in my bullet journal (and i might even start sharing that with you as well)

2 - Fast Eddie by Eddie Maher

I picked this one up for my partner, i spotted it in the biography section and knew it would be one he would like. It is about his 20 years on the run as Britains most wanted man.

3 - Rabbits for Dummies - Connie Isbell and Audrey Pavia

Anyone who follows me on my main instagram will know i have three adorable bunny rabbits and i have been lcky enough that they all settled and got on extremely well but because i would love to include bunny stuff into my blog i thought i would do some further research to help with my content. If you have any particular blogs you would like to see about the bunnies let me know and i will try my best to do something.

4 - Made at Home Breads - Dick and James Strawbridge

I love bread and have my own bread maker, i do however find myself making the same old recipe, so thought what better time of year than to start getting creative with my baking and experiment with some naan bread, bread pudding or focaccia.

Do you still use your library? Would you be sad to see it go?

Have a wonderful day

Sam xXx

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