Blogmas Day 3 – Ways to give back this Christmas

Hello and welcome to day 3 of my Blogmas Bloggerthon (is that even a word)? anyway I am going to get straight into it tonight and give you lovely people some ideas on how to give back this Christmas.

1 – Gem 106 – Christmas Jumper Day Friday 14 December (East Midlands)

Join the lovely people at Gem 106 this year in their Christmas Jumper day to help raise money for children that will not get a Christmas present this year. You can also drop off a present at your local B&M Store who are collecting donations so get you best jumpers out and participate in a great cause. 

2 – Donate to a Charity

If you don’t have a lot of free time but would like to donate to a charity, I have put together below a few examples of some charities needing help this Christmas:


3 – Help the elderly 

If you know an elderly neighbour who will be on their own this Christmas, why not plate an extra dinner up for them, chances are they wont be able to make one themselves.

4 – Help the Homeless 

There are plenty of ways you can help the homeless this year, from bagging up a care pack (including socks, gloves, water and food), donating a old (or new) coat to help them brave this weather or leave a donation at your local coffee shop for them to give a drink to the homeless if they pass by. 

I also make sure I know the best places to refer the homeless if I see someone in need, as much as it sounds simple its not like they can just google where to go, I have attached a link to homeless Link who provide some great information for you to keep handy.

5 – Ditch the Cards 

Not a fan of sending cards anyway? why not make a donation with the money you would of spent on Christmas cards this year. 

6 – Volunteer 

Volunteering is a great way to give something back, I volunteered for my local ambulance service (amongst other things) for quite a while and seeing that you are helping someone in need is like no other. A simple search for volunteer opportunities (such as a soup kitchen this Christmas) will provide you with the details of your local charities. 

7 – Fundraising 

Sign up now for the run! not only will you be doing something amazing but it will help shift all those mince pies. Crisis have some great fundraising ideas for you to take a look at –

Thank you for reading it means the world. xXx

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