2018 Wrap Up

If you are still with me at the end of 2018, than thank you very much and i promise i have even bigger plans for 2019 and i intend on including you guys as much as possible.

Over the last few years my end of year thoughts have always been “well it cant get any worse” but honestly this year has been great for me, i wont lie and say it was perfect but if i can get to the end of every year and feel like this then i will be happy.

So to mix this blog up and so its not me just rambling on i am going to include the best and worst of 2018 – from me personally, books, music, films amongst anything else i get on to along the way.

The biggest achievements i made this year is passing my first year Law Degree and first year Criminology Degree.

Weight – Not to good

I weigh a good stone (maybe more) than i did at the start of the year which i could really do with shifting, but its just a sign of good food and being far to busy having fun to exercise.

I have, however, treated myself to a Fitbit Charge 3 the other day to try and motivate me in the new year.


This year has been fantastic for travelling (for me anyway who never normally goes anywhere.

I have been on a mini break to Dublin, Chester, Cornwall and London and had a fantastic week away in Gran Caneria and some great days out.

New Friends 

I started up Penpalling this year and it has brought me in contact with some amazing new people all across the world.


This year i have been loving Jess Glynne – Thursday is my favourite, i am also loving the new one by Sigala, Megan Trainor and Ella Eyre – Just got Paid.

Now there were also plenty of rubbish in music in 2018, some being Linden Ave, Lil Uzi Verts and well the list goes on.


Yep of course Fantastic Beasts and the Crimes of Grindalwald was going to get mentioned. I loved it, i still love it and i will properly still love it this tie next year. I am sure people are going to be voting for The Greatest Showman but if i am honest, i did not watch it, nor is it on my watch list for the upcoming future.


There has been loads of good books this year but i really wanted to mention a book that although i did not think i would like, i loved, and that is Heart of Thorns by Bree Barton. On the other hand a book i could not wait to get my hands on was Sea Witch, but unfortunately i just could not get in to it.

I have recently brought Girls of paper and Fire so i am looking forward to making a start on that.

Luna – New Family Member 

Luna joined our weird and wonderful family May 2018 and she has settled in with the other Bunnies so well. She is the bunny that will sit on your knee and lick you to death (you are lucky if the other two acknowledge you are there some days) but honestly together they are such a joy to have an brighten up the day.

Candle Shop – https://www.etsy.com/shop/creativebysamantha

Have you took a look at my new shop for 2018 – it does not have a lot on at the moment but i am working on some great products for 2019.

And everything else

Here is some pics of the best bits for me of 2018.

So there we go i am going to leave this one here, i hope you liked the read and see you in 2019.

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